Chipper photos

The Powerking  PK903  Chipper has been working so much better now that I know how to run the right material.

Spent some time clipping Salal (will be a constant defensive battle) the Huckleberry and Salal has been allowed to grow and needs to be pushed back. So 2 hours of clipping created about 2 sq yards of  yard waste. This took about 30 minutes to run through into the green stuff and started digging into the existing debris pile. Ran it for an hour and cleaned up about 3 sq yards into 3 x 64 gallon trash cans load. That is the pile with the tree trunk shadow.

From the pictures you can see it does not mulch and does not grind up the Salal or the bamboo. But most of the  clippings are pretty finely ground and can be  used as a base for composting.  This is the area where we are thinking of the fire pit and gabion walls.

Now considering a staging area right by the front yard. A place to store yard debris to chip,  Or store a chip drop or a rock dump. Where we can get it off the driveway and out of sight. We could have a fair amount of rock drops for the gabion walls etc.