Sunday January 28th

Chipper.  This is a heavy beast, good thing leverage  was enough to do it by myself. Finished assembly today.   Bought it from Home Depot.  PowerKing 903

  • Wiggled it out of the crate and onto a cart Harbor Freight Dolly.
  • Titled it back enough to get the rear wheels one.
  • Rotated it on the cart so the wheels where on the ground. Then tilted it up added a block to put the front  bracket on.
  • The exit chute was aligned with a screw driver
  • The feed chute is heavy  needed to tilt it up on some crates to get it aligned
  • Filled the motor with oil  Ready to add fuel and start.


  • The north east gutter was clogged with pine needles and cause water to accumulate under the patio cover. Removed the top portion and removed the debris.  I added a strainer and replaced the missing screw that allowed the drain portion to pop off.
  • Then went to the next drain to the west. It too was clogged, repeated the process.
  • Then the next drain to the west. it was not clogged, added strainer.

Notice alot of moss on the roof. Getting stuff to spray on.