Gig Harbor Garden Tour

This weekend was the Gig Harbor Garden Tour. We scoped it out with Mardi’s visiting friend Karen Horton.We  saw 6 home on Saturday and the Final house in Horsehead on Sunday.  We even started talking about being a house on the tour in 2020. Who knows.

We got a lot of ideas and even purchased a bird house from  Jack.

If we do the tour will need to get some June color and use lots of Miracle Grow. We need to add some yard details, Trellis, Frames, Balls, Fountains? We could really use a water feature. Time will tell.


Studio Live Edge

Completed the desk to match the cabinets in the studio.

Used richlite from edensaw lumber to cover up all the cables

Drilled cable holes in the live edge and in the monitor bases to organize.

Raised up the monitor live edge up so I could put the bamboo drawer organizer under.

Plus no longer have the middle support bracket so I can slide the Wacom up under the monitor shelf. Nice changes.