Mapping the property

Drone Project.  Started a new project trying to map the property using drones and images coupled with ERSI  ArcGIS Pro to turn the drone images into a hi resolution map that can be turned into a 3D point cloud. This used with the ground based mapping robot “Max” then we can get the fine details into the map and then put in the variations into the map as the seasons and plants change.

Will also record our yard art and map new garden projects. will Be interested to learn how these tools can be used for all the  features and objects we have on the property.

Then the DJI spark drone is my next learning experience. Wonder how well I will do with it.  If I can fly it for a few flights. before I crash it. Has a lot of cool features but using the Samsung is a bit of a pain. So need to learn how to keep the Samsung connected. Also  the DJI go 4 app is a bit buggy and has been a trick to get everything hooked up.

Powering up the drone is also a trick it is a two press of the button  Press then press and hold. to turn on and off both the drone and the remote control.

Can wait to chase the deer and rabbits off the property with it. Wonder if it is possible to scare them away with the drone.

Planning on getting my 107 certification and a. drone from DJI part of the developers group. Will also use this to help with the 360 cameras and 3D mapping.

Matrice 100

So this is a start of a interesting transition from ground based robots to drones. Started the group of Infoblox HPEL’s to start doing robot stuff again and solving some of the problems with perception and mapping.


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