Mothers Day Weed Wacker

Added another gas engine powered gardening tool to the shed. A Stihl weed wacker  to knock down the brush growing along the roadway.  Learned how to run it and not get hit by the flying debris.

Not a favorite task but if only done a few times a year will deal with it.


Fire Pit

We now have a fire pit in a secluded area behind the green house. It is really nice. Bryce of Pacific Landscaping did the clearing / work.

we purchased a crushing cone from Dwyan out by the Columbia River. really nice day trip to pick it up.

We add crushed 5/8 minus black gravel for the area around the fire pit and we got two new steps for the stairs up to the fire pit.

thinking of putting some sea glass into the gravel to match with the glass in the concrete around the green house.  Will add pictures soon.

Spring is here.

The weather has been great this weekend April 21. a big improvement from last week where we had to purchased rain gear and did a weekend of work in the rain. The flowers are all starting to come out. the Leaves are almost out on all the trees. The birds are making lots of noise. We are really cleaning up the forrest and it is looking great. Far more spacious and less cluttered with fallen branches, etc. Kind of spring cleaning.

Looks like we have 2 days of 70+ temp days without rain. Thinking of turning the sprinklers back on.

We now ave so many projects in flight, Not sure where to start. Good thing we have about 25 years here to get them done.

Really need to pressure wash, everything is tinted with pollen or moss. So looks like the next purchase will be the pressure washer.


Weekend March 17-18

Was perfect weather this weekend and last weekend sunny and dry we had Julie and Geoff out last weekend so not much got done.  Even with  March Madness got a fair amount of stuff done.

This weekend got some of the small tasks done, besides chipping and gardening

  • Replaced the GFR outlet by the greenhouse.
  • Painted out the white with green  spray paint on the the T-bar posts
  • Moved the Refrigerator  out of the studio and into the garage.
  • Cleaned out the green house.
  • Turned the water back on for the irrigation system.
  • Purchased a Makita Jig saw, pine planks, and shelf brackets for the Live edge in the studio.

California Poppies and Lupines

Can not get away from loving California poppies, We spread a lot of seeds behind the orchard and along the street side north of our driveway. Along with the  poppies we added alpine lupine  as a  back drop. Will be interesting to see if this work and they flower or turn up as food for the rabbits and deer.

Be nice if the poppies and lupine could self propagate.

Ideas for Yard Projects

  1. Single slope shed work area behind studio.
  • Link  $2000.
  • Pavers for 400 sq ft apps $1400 for sand
  • Then Electrician to add light and power.  $2,000

2. Material staging  area by driveway

  • Pavers for 600 sq ft apps $1800,
  • Support timbers. 6″ x 6″ x 8′  $25.00. 2 x 8 x 10′   $29.00

3. Fire pit.

4. Bridge

5. Gazebo


Weekend March 3-4

Did a fair amount of  chain sawing and chipping and debris pile moving this weekend. We had good weather On Saturday afternoon, changed out the chipper blade for a new one boy what a difference had to chip the top part of the fallen tree and it just ate them down. Made 3 trash cans full in about an hour. Loved the branches.  Then later doing some smaller stuff and I think a rock got in and went to from self feeding got need a shove.  By the end of Sunday after about 3-4 hours of running over the weekend was going slow and needing to be pushed through.  But did 6 Trash Cans of chips over the weekend and completely removed the Debris field from the Green House Area.   Did  a fair amount of chain sawing and clearing the Fallen tree area to make it safer to walk through. Plus some of the branches are to thick for the chipper so cut into fire pit size. Have made a fairly good stack of fire pit wood.

The Chipper has been moved  to the Fire Pit area, South of the the firewood stack. Mardi came up with the fire pit idea and looking forward to making it happen. Trying to envision  some sight lines to add details.

Got radical on a few HuckleBerry bushes, I consider them weeds.  Cleared out 3 behind the Studio, will do more as time permits, uncovered 3 stumps the are far more interesting than the HB bushes. Plus there is a creeping ground cover that is slowing taking over that has to go. Will be hard to get all the roots dug out, but we have nothing but time. Just need to start playing defense and start pushing back this creeping unchecked growth.

Started pricing out gabion for a few sound wall, etc. Have started getting quotes for 3 x 3. 9ga  wire mesh in Stainless and hot dipped galvanized steel, Should be interesting to see the cost.

a 36 ” by 36 ” x 48″ base.,  with a  12″ x 48″ x 48″ wall on top. needs  30 linear feet of 48″ mesh. Need qty of. 3  of 48″ x 120″ panels wire panels  from Wilcox  $32 and  52 cubic feet of rock. Say 2 yards $80 for 2 yards. Then labor and clips and some posts   adds $20.  so a 4 ft section  7 ft tall is about  $150 or 80 ft is about $3,000. We will see

Gabion Calculator

Links to Gabion Suppliers