Snow-mageddon Feb 9-11

Gig Harbor got a substantial amount of snow over the weekend of Feb 9-11. Have the pictures showing  11″ of snow that stuck around for almost 10 days. Snow drifts from the even were still visible in till about March 15th.

The snow did a number on our the trees and plants in our yard.

3 trees that we will miss

  1. Coral Maple  in the center area, Split into thirds due to the weight of the  snow on its branches.  We lost several other branches on the 4 remaining Coral maples. I started knocking the snow of starting Feb 10
  2. Leland cypress  by fire pit. This was a 12 ” diameter almost 30′ tree that tilted over due to the weight of the snow. Totally uprooted
  3. Leland Cypress  by raise vegetable hillside, inside the dog wire. This was a smaller 7″ diameter tree about 20′  tall. Was part of shielding the yard from the neighbors.

We lost additional trees, and branches around the yard

  1. 10″ dia. 24′ cottonwood behind studio
  2. 3″ dia.  14′ small Spruce by studio walkway, also damaged a few branches of the Leland Cypress beside it.
  3. 3″ dia. 18′ small cottonwood on way to septic area
  4. 4″ dia. 22′ small cottonwood on way to septic area, total of two
  5. 10″ dia. 45′ Douglas Fir just north of the property line by walk to septic leaning against other trees in the area.
  6. 6″ dia. 20′ Cherry tree by fire pit tilted over to into the scrub brush.
  7. 4″ branch from a Douglas fir in the wood fall by the fire pit
  8. 4″ dia 14′ dead  maple finally came down by french drain
  9. 5″ dia 18′ weakened  maple on walk to Staging area
  10. 3″dia Dead Maple over firewood in Staging area
  11. 5″ Cottonwood by well
  12. 4″ Cottonwood by well
  13. Large  4″ diva. maple branch by fern area
  14. Tall, not very healthy looking maple to the west of the well, lost a large branch, which is still partially attached.