1st year projects

It is amazing to think a year has gone by. Moved in November 9th 2017.

Here is a break down of what we accomplished in 2018.

  • Fencing for Ellie
  • Fencing for Orchard
  • Sump pump for crawl space, New vapor barrier.  – Crawl Space solution.
  • Fire Pit – Cone, Chairs,Plants, Bark,
  • 1 x Swan for Fire pit.
  • Debris clean out and mulched south forty
  • Debris clean out and mulched north forty
  • 1 x kelp sculptor – Tide Fest. Craig
  • 2 x garden pagoda – Rosedale Gardens
  • 2 x spiral trellis – Erin’s Landscaping
  • 8 x copper caps for raised flower bed.  Amazon
  • 5 x  orange glass flames – Gig Harbor Craft Fair
  • 1 x Stain glass – Summer Artists at Botanical Gardens
  • Painted 1/2 of Studio
  • Live Edge Cabinets and Desk. -Endersaw Lumber
  • Weather station Orchard.
  • Lawn restoration
  • Sprinkler repair
  • Drip system for trees by street
  • New TP holders for studio and upstairs bathroom
  • Hung TV and made cable pathway in Studio Office area. Amazon
  • Automation in Studio
    • Door Lock. – August
    • Phillips Hue
    • Door sensors
  • New Patio Furniture –
  • New Bench Front Door
  • Added Led shop light and power drop -main room studio.
  • 3 x  1/2 Wine Barrel in raised bed area.
  • 2 Trees fell
  • 1 Fence repair.
  • Cleared out around stumpery and center section.
  • 2 x New water filters. – Amazon
  • New cabinet for modems in Studio.  – DIY
  • Not including the routine maintenance of the property.
  • Must have run the mulched for over 50 hours and close to 60 yards of mulch.

Looking forward to what we achieve in 2019.


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