Sunday Yardwork

Ran  about 40 minutes on  the chipper and it started smoking and no longer chipping.

Something got into the material and dulled the blades and I think moved the drum away from the feed edge. where the blade on the drum  chomps down on the material. It seems the material runs under the drum and no longer being touched by the blade.

No more wet leaves into the chippers. I think a rock got into that material and now it it not working. I also noticed that chopped materials was loading up on the feed side.

Need to figure out how to flip the blade, And figure out how to align and measure the blade distance.  I like the machine but only an 1+ hour of run time and a dull blade. Need to figure out  a way to keep it running.

Bought a chain saw, Small Stihl  toro do limb and  down tree clean up. Worked great. Felled my first tree in the yard  about 8″ in diameter.  Some kind of birch? Was falling down at about 45 degrees.  Plus cleaned up a small down tree on the leach field, Move all the debris to the  north pile by the studio.

Will need to get the chipper running we are making more debris thank we  processed today.


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