First Run of the Chipper

Yard waste is a big issue so having a way to remove it outside of burning the pile we purchased a chipper.

Got a   PowerKing 903,  mainly because of the feed rate and industrial weight power. 6 ft per minute compared to 50 ft per minute.


  • Need to keep feed material low do not pack the feed chute. Material rides up over the cutting drum and starts blocking new material
  • Gravity is not enough had to push material into the cutting drum with a branch.
  • Does not do well with wet leaves or matted material
  • the kill bar is annoying only about a 1/4 inch  of movement cuts off the engine.
  • pull starting it is awkward and requires a very strong pull.  Electric starter in its future

The output is very fine, which probably means the blade needs to be adjusted to do more material per cut. Will run it a few more days.

I was worried it would be loud and disturb the neighbors, but is a not loud and the cutting sound is not high pitched so we can run this all day long.

We probably have close to  100 square yards of debris to run through so it. If we can do a yard every 15 minutes which reduces it to about a 64 gallon. 0.4 yards.    4 yards  reduced to  .4 yards

Off to do some more chipping.


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