The Right Decision?

The big question when we bought this house. was would there be another one like this available when we had to move out of Southport.  So by this time we would have needed to find and be in escrow.  Figure the cost to put in the fence and 6 months rent added 35K to the price.

So what is available at or below 935K.  Plus Zillow says we make 25K on the house in the 6 months.  This one looks like it would  work but 

There are a lot of homes that are in the 1250K to 950K range that are nice but now that the purchase  cut off date has pasted. It is clear that we would probably be spending more money for a house that is not as nice as this. The level lot, the lack of wood decks, the privacy. the house size. the studio make this a very good investment purchased when the timing was right.


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