What homes are on the Market now

Mardi and I pulled the trigger on the Maxwell house early because we thought we would not find as nice a house in 6 months.  The down side was we had to pay rent and utilities on South Port till we found a replacement renter. Well it is April and we still have not found a replacement renter. Last rent payment is May 1st.  at 3300 a month was kind of expensive. But almost over.

So at this point in time, what houses are on the market that we can purchase for the price we paid for Maxwell house. With the fence and extra rent we are close to 950k.  We would have to be closing escrow in May so pretty much in the next few weeks we will see if we made the right decision.

After living here a while, we find having a level lot, without the need for a deck  a big plus.  We find the studio is also a pretty special space.  Most view lots are on a sloping lot with wood decks. Our large lot with its privacy is another plus, not found in most houses.  Our location close to uptown and not to far north on Hwy 16 saves on commute time.  So considering homes north of Olympic is really not an option.  Our house size is just right many are so large not sure what we would do with all that space.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 9.39.20 PM

So far we have not found one yet as nice as this one in any our price range. Will try to revisit the selection available in 2 weeks.



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