Planting and Flowers

We did some planting of vegetable, strawberries, Mardi put strawberries in with the raspberries in  one of the raised bed.  We added cilantro,  Wally Wally onions to the herb bed. We put in tomato plants into the orchard. The soil is really shallow, you hit rocks about 4 inches down.  Tried to move a rosemary bush out of the herb raised bed and put it into the yard, not sure if that will work. The Rosemary looks good in the new location but not sure if it will live.

Purchased the tomatoes, herbs, strawberries as starters 4″   5 for 15 dollars from Home Depot, around $38  for 22 plants. We seem to be late for doing things from seeds all the starter kits were packed up. Need to figure that out sooner. Looks like a December / January thing. We do have a greenhouse.

We also purchased some seeds and will try to get them started in the green house this week. Cantaloupe, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers. around $2. per pack.

Turned on the water for the irrigation systems, but have not turned on the  remote control system.  We be interesting to see how we the sprinkler system does. It has 12 zones, I guess a rain sensor. So something else to figure out.

Lots of work  to be done in the yard, but it is looking good, things are flowering.


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