Ivy in the Trees

Tuesday we had James Moore come and prune our fruit trees. He was very knowledgeable about the garden and a great arborist. He noticed ivy growing on the trees and said if we do not do something about that or else the ivy will kill the trees.


This is an ivy stalk, just under 3 inches.

Little did I know, that the ivy has been growing up the trees for years. I went to go clip the root with a pair of pruning shears. I ended up bending the blade and going back for a pruning saw. One ivy stack was the size of my arm, Ending up being a work out and did about a dozen trees.

Two cuts on the ivy about 50% could be cut with shears the other cuts done with a pruning saw. One high the other low.  Leaving a big gap in showing now ivy stacks on the trunk. Now I guess we will live with dead ivy in the trees for a few years.


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