Crawl space

During the home inspection, It was discovered that the crawl space had standing water above the moisture barrier. This is not a good idea and had probably been this way since the house was built in 2004. The Moores never got into the crawl space so how would they now.

Crawl space solutions was hired to drain the water out. Install drain trenches to a sump pump pit, Then replace any missing insulation and foam all pipe openings. then cover and seal a new moisture barrier. This was a lot of work in moon suits all through the access point in the pantry.

The  work was being done in an area that was very muddy.  Happy home owner . All but 1k  was covered by the Moores in escrow. We elected to get a much thicker and white moisture barrier 6mm plastic install of quoted original replacement plastic sheeting.  The  house now has 3 pump alarms,  Septic, Crawl space and not sure what the third one by the garage electrical panel does. Also one at the studio for the holding tank.






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