3706 – Our new home

We now own a home in Gig Harbor WA,

Mardi and I took possession  of the “Maxwell” House, November 7th,  2017, Was shooting for November 17th, our  33rd wedding Anniversary, nice gift, but why wait.

Mardi and I completed the transaction in Hawaii and started work on the Ellie fence immediately on the 9th, upon returning from Hawaii. We started moving in on the 10th – 11th. This was the 6th move in 6 years. Hopefully we will be here a while.

This House purchased moved really fast. We put our house in San Clemente up for sale September 15th and purchased this house and closed November 7th.  That was two escrows in 7 weeks. Money was in the bank for less than 3 weeks. The mortgage underwriter wanted a bank statement. Never got one, could only show the transactions.

Our original goal was to have a renter in San Clemente until that property was paid off. We were on the 5th year of a 15 year note. Then live off the rental income.  We started having trouble with the renter making payments. He never got 30 days late but was causing us cash flow issues. We had moved up to Gig Harbor in June and in late July was wondering how to buy a house here.  We could possible scrimp and save and do extra work and save about 40K a year, Great homes in Gig Harbor start around 800-900K. so could assemble a down payment in 4+ years.

We figured why bother, let ‘s cut our ties in California and use the money from the sales of the San Clemente house to buy  in Gig Harbor. We kind of rushed into buying the house since we still had 7 months to go on the lease of the house we currently were living in “South Port” till June 1st.  Mardi and I both thought this house was special and might not find one as nice 4 months from now. So why wait.